Do you have an investment in Venture Oils fund in your SIPP?

Venture Oils fund is an unregulated high-risk investment that has no protection from the ombudsman or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

The investment consists of pre purchased crude oil at an agreed set price and then sold back to the open market.

Mis-sold Venture Oils SIPPs

Issues with the investment started showing in March 2017 when Glenmuir Investments Limited wrote to investors to advise them of some operational issues.

·      Were you advised to transfer a pension in a SIPP to invest in the Venture Oils fund

·      Your SIPP may have a range of investments but unfortunately Venture Oils fund is not suitable for some investors

Were you classified as a high net worth individual and a sophisticated investor with considerable investment experience?

“NO”: Well the question is why did your financial advisor recommend these high-risk investments?

Can you claim for Venture Oils compensation?

You could be due compensation after receiving negligent advice from your financial advisor.

If you:

·      Moved your pension into a SIPP with the likes of Novia or Lifetime SIPP (Now Hartley Pensions) on the advice of a Financial advisor, such as Cherish Wealth Management, Shah Wealth Management or Portafina

·      Invested in high-risk investment, like the Venture Oils fund

·      Are NOT a High Net Worth Individual

·      Are NOT a Sophisticated investor

*High Net Worth Individuals – defined as those with more than £250k of net assets or annual earnings over £100k.

*Sophisticated Investors – defined as individuals with extensive experience and knowledge in investing.

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