Tarmac Pension Transfer

The Wolverhampton concrete and quarrying group Tarmac closed its final salary pensions to new members back in 2001.

Tarmac workers were rewarded with final salary pensions for their hard work, which gives them a guaranteed income in retirement based on the length of service, final salary and some other discretionary factors.

In addition to the above benefits, these pensions have fantastic death in service benefits, which will assist spouses if a member dies before claiming their pension.

Why would you move such a fantastic pension?

Financial Advisor or Third Party promised much higher returns

You were told as you are no longer working for the Tarmac that your pension is frozen and not performing

You were told incorrectly that the fees are high in the Tarmac Pension

You wanted more flexibility and the ability to invest in different funds.

If you moved your Tarmac Pension

Financial Advisors charged a substantial fee to transfer your Pension

Your new pension provider is charging substantial fees

You have lost the death in service benefits

Most Tarmac workers do not realise how valuable their final salary pension is and are often approached to move their pension to release tax-free cash and to increase performance. Once the pension is moved all the benefits attached to the Pension are lost, leaving members substantially worse off.

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