Capital & Income Solutions (C & IS)

Capital & Income Solutions (C & IS)

If you were told by Capital & Income Solutions Limited to transfer out of your, employer final salary pension into a private personal pension or a SIPP, you may have been wrongly Advised. By transferring your final salary pension, you may have lost some core benefits entitled to you at retirement and incur high pension transfer charges. This may not have been the best option for you. Things may even be worse if you were told to invest in high risk, unregulated investments.

At Return My Money, we have a team of highly experienced claims expert who can review the advice you received from Capital & Income Solutions Limited. If you are convinced that the IFA offered you unsuitable financial advice that made you incur a financial loss, we will help you to, make a claim to recover your lost funds. Contact us today to learn more.

Who were Capital & Income Solutions Limited?

Capital & Income Solutions Limited of Brooklands Court, Tunstall Road, Leeds was an independent Financial Advisor that was created and registered as a company on 29 August 2006. In many cases, Capital & Income Solutions Limited convinced clients to transfer out of their employer final salary pension Schemes into a private Pension. This unsuitable financial advice resulted clients being substantially financially disadvantaged by moving their pensions.

The Financial Ombudsman Service has received a number of complaints against Capital & Income Solutions Limited for their part in providing unsuitable advice in transferring final salary pensions.  

Appointment of Liquidator

Capital & Income Solutions Limited received a wind-up petition and the hearing took place on 22 January 2020. Crawfords Accountants Advisory were appointed as the liquidator on 9 January 2020 due to Financial Ombudsman complaints stacking up against them.

How do I know I am Eligible to Make a Claim Against Capital & Income Solutions Limited?

You may qualify to claim if any of the following statements apply to your case:

•    Capital & Income Solutions Limited convinced you to transfer out of your former employer final salary pension scheme even though you would have been financially better off staying in the employer pension scheme.

•    Capital & Income Solutions Limited did not assess your financial situation or attitude towards risk before recommending the transfer out of your final salary pension.

•    Capital & Income Solutions Limited did not tell you that you would lose some core benefits entitled to you if you transferred out of a final salary scheme.

•    Capital & Income Solutions Limited did not offer you all the available options. It is the work of your Independent Financial Advisor to inform you about other suitable products depending on your personal circumstances.

Capital & Income Solutions Limited extortionate 4% fees?

Most of the transfers by Capital & Income were to Royal London, which were promoted on the basis of improved fund charges or performance. However, in most cases the transfers were totally unnecessary and gave no benefit to the customer other than charging an extortionate 4% transfer fee to the detriment of the customer.

If any of the above statements are true, you may have been given unsuitable advice to transfer your final salary pension by Capital & Income Solutions Limited, contact us today on 0800 061 4585 to speak to one of our highly experienced claims experts. We will assess your case and help you make a successful claim.

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