Baker Wainwright Ltd

Baker Wainwright Ltd Compensation Claims Guide

Ilkeston financial advisors Baker Wainwright Ltd were deauthorised by the FCA back in 2014. 

The Derbyshire independent financial advisory firm, which had Julian John Baker and Helen Victoria Baker as its directors, was engulfed in a number of mis-selling accusations relating to pensions, notably the transfer of SIPP pensions, and bad investment advice.

Tax-free savings plans (SIPPs) are one of the most controversial personal tax planning strategies available to UK investors. Although they’re technically a tax-efficient investment, when the rules governing their use aren’t followed by policymakers or financial advisers, they can cause huge headaches for those who come to regret using them.

Baker Wainwright could have caused a lot of headaches.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has compensated investors who received bad investment advice from Baker Wainwright Ltd and similar such firms, companies that were embroiled in the huge pensions misselling scandal of recent years.

If you received bad financial advice from Baker Wainwright over pensions or other investments, you may be able to get compensation from the FSCS.

Baker Wainwright compensation from the FSCS 

If Baker Wainwright Ltd handled your pension transfer or SIPP investments, or if they otherwise gave you bad or insufficient advice, then you may be entitled to compensation. 

We say “insufficient” as the City watchdog, the FCA has ruled that many firms did not provide “suitable and effective” warnings and/or did not take sufficient steps to ensure the statements they made were simple to understand for ordinary people.

It’s not too late to file a  compensation claim for a pension transfer that was mis-sold or for erroneous or reckless investment advice even if the firm has long since gone bust. The FSCS has money set aside for victims of such scams and scandals. The compensation will come from them not Baker Wainright.

We can assist you in filing a claim and receiving compensation from the FSCS fund. The money is there for ordinary investors like you who have been misled by shady financial advisors. Don’t miss out! If you are entitled to, you should make a claim before too late.

What did Baker Wainwright do wrong?

Ordinary folk (not knowledgeable or wealthy investors) were advised by Baker Wainwright to transfer their pensions into high-risk Self-Invested Personal Pension Schemes (SIPPs). 

The money was then invested in high-risk, unregulated ventures. None of these were good options for average investors trying to increase their retirement savings.

Baker Wainwright Compensation Claims

Because of Baker Wainwright’s risky investment advice, members of the public who lost money have filed compensation claims. You may be entitled to file a claim if Baker Wainwright told you to move your pension to a SIPP or make another high-risk investment. 

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has already paid out hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation for the mis-selling of SIPPs by a number of financial advisory firms, Baker Wainwright included. 

If you are one of the many ordinary people who have been impacted by the mis-selling scandal, you should take action immediately and file a claim. We can do all the hard work for you. Just pick up the phone and give us a call.

SIPP Pensions Were High Risk 

Financial Advisors have a duty of care to ordinary investors – that is normal people with minimal expertise of financial services and investments- and this means, the FCA say, fully warning them of the dangers of a high-risk investment strategy.

Many firms should have given very clear and simple-to-understand information to their clients about their investments, together with cautions, where necessary, but they did not. 

These sharks left investors in the dark. And then left them broke.

If you are one of these broke and in the dark investors that Baker Wainwright encouraged you to transfer to a SIPP or invest in a high-risk venture, then you may be entitled to compensation, which we can assist you with.

But you should not delay because claims for compensation are time-barred.

See how much compensation you could get from the FSCS because of Baker Wainwright

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