1 Stop Financial Services Compensation Claims Guide

1 Stop Financial Services based in Dyfed, Wales, have now ceased trading. Allegations of mis-selling and financial misconduct led to the Welsh company being deauthorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in 2014 and also led to 1 Stop’s directors, Andrew Rees and Timothy Hughes, being fined hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

This money pot was used to help fund compensation claims made against 1 Stop Financial Services via The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). To date, the FSCS has paid out mis-sold investors millions of pounds. 

You could be entitled to compensation from the FSCS because of 1 Stop

If you had 1 Stop handle your pension transfer or SIPP investments, you may be entitled to compensation. It is not too late to make a claim for a mis-sold pension transfer. We can help you make a claim and get some money back from that FSCS money pot. Because that’s what it’s there for. Ordinary men and women just like you.

1 Stop Financial Services gave Mr X advice to transfer his Royal London pension into Berkeley Burke SIPP to invest in Mosaic Alternative Assets Ltd, Global Plantations and Sustainable Agro Energy PLC, which are both now valued at zero. 

We recovered £34,299.97 in compensation off the Financial Services Compensation Scheme for him.

What did 1 Stop Financial Services do wrong?

Between 2010 and 2012, 1 Stop Financial Services recklessly advised over 2,000 individuals, most of them average people (not knowledgeable or super-wealthy investors) who could least afford to lose their pension pots.

1 Stop told good, hardworking people to transfer their pensions into high-risk and unregulated investment schemes such as Diamonds, Carbon Credits and Overseas Property. Dodgy investments included the infamous Harlequin Property investments. 

Worse than mis-selling these high-risk investments through SIPP Pensions (Self-Invested Personal Pensions) without warning ‘small’ investors of the risks, 1 Stop failed to declare they had a conflict of interest as 1 Stop also had shares in the introducer firm, EGI. They were remiss on multiple counts.

Can I Make a 1 Stop Financial Services Claim?

You could be entitled to compensation if 1 Stop got you to transfer your person to a SIPP or make another type of high-risk investment. The FSCS has already paid out millions in compensation for 1 Stop’s mis-selling of investments via SIPPs. If you are entitled to make a claim under the scheme, you should do so.

The money is there waiting for you. We can help you claim it.

If you are one of the many ordinary people who received negligent financial advice from 1 Stop Financial Services, you should act now and give us a call.

The FCA said 1 Stop Should Have Warned People SIPP Pensions Were High Risk

The FCA has said ordinary investors – those who have limited knowledge about financial services and investments – should have been given very clear and simple to understand information about their investments along with warnings where relevant and 1 Stop repeatedly failed to do this. 

High-risk investments must always come with proper warnings. 

If 1 Stop advised you to transfer to a SIPP then you may have a claim and we can help you get compensation. A financial advisor’s negligence means a pension transfer is mis-sold. Where something is mis-sold there is a claim. Where there is a claim there is compensation. 

If the company mis-sold you another type of high-risk investment this also applies.

See how much compensation you could get from the FSCS because of 1 Stop

You’ve been mis-sold, but you don’t know how to make your voice heard. The huge financial institutions will never listen to someone like you, right? Wrong. 

Don’t suffer in silence. Contact us today and see how much compensation you could be entitled to.

We have helped customers get thousands back. Now we are here to help you.

You can get a free initial check to see if 1 Stop mis-sold to you. Have a chat with a member of our trained team who can quickly assess whether you have a claim. This check will not put you under any obligation to use our service. Knowledge is power! Find out today about making a claim against 1 Stop Financial Services.